Work: Going Green?

Work: Going Green?

Environmental groups together with many concerned citizens have been ringing the warning bell which we must all change our habits to try to save the only inhabitable world we have, Earth. Following are a few easy “Green Tips” that you can do at work to help save Earth.

1. RECYCLE PAPER: Cut up used papers that does not have confidential/private
2. CREATE A RECYCLE BIN: Ask a recycle bin for aluminum cans and plastic bottles.

3. EMAIL: Consider sending significant reminders of meetings, deadlines via email. Most email programs let you choose the significance level of emails and notify you when they’ve been read.

4. PHOTOCOPY DOUBLE-SIDED: Consider photocopying a multi-page document on each side of the page.

5. Utilize CERAMIC MUGS: Encourage employees to brig their own mugs from home or consider buying microwavable ceramic mugs and use them instead of styrofoam cups. Many businesses invest $10,000 each month buying plasticware for their employee lounges and cafeterias.

6. Reports have estimated a $1.72 billion savings annually on Bat Removal to American businesses if workers would spend a few seconds powering down their computers at the end of the work day.


8. PRINT IN DRAFT MODE: Consider printing files which are internal flyers or memos from the draft mode. Save the business printer ink/toner since most memos and flyers are read once and finally thrown away.

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