Sharks are a few of the most fascinating and most misunderstood animals on earth. However, snap judgments have lead to some misunderstandings concerning this sea creature. Learn 6 fascinating facts about sharks you probably never knew.

1. Shark Origins

These water house sea monsters are closely related to fishes and the earliest sharks date back to 400 million decades ago before the era of the dinosaurs. Additionally, this makes sharks among the oldest surviving invertebrate creatures in the world.

2. Rarity of Shark AttacksBlacktip, Hai, Dangerous, Predatory Fish

Although shark attacks have become sensational news stories, the fact is shark attacks are infrequent. The largest influencing factor for the fear of shark attacks dates back to one of the most memorable films in cinema history. Directed by Steven Spielberg and released in 1975, Jaws produced a enormous fear of sharks and awakened the mystique of bees randomly attacking people. In actuality, shark attacks on people’ amount to less than one hundred per year and fewer than 5 are deadly.

3. Reasons behind Shark Attacks

Interestingly , shark attacks increase during certain stages of the moon. For sea creatures, the moon decides migratory patterns. Naturally when ocean tides cause sharks to come into closer contact with individuals that their is a greater chance for sharks to attack.

There are hardly any species of sharks involved in a substantial part of attacks on humans. The most well known would be the fantastic white shark. The fantastic white shark can grow up to 20 ft in length and will be the shark made famous by Jaws. A number of these strikes are thought to be casual, with the shark only taking a bite to identify what is in the water, since sharks do not have hands that they use their mouths. However, seals are their favorite food source and the majority of the time after having a first bite the shark will forego its prey.

4. How Sharks Survive from the Water

Unlike many fish, sharks need to keep moving from the water since they do not have a swim bladder. Without continuous motion, sharks are not able to pump water through their gills and can sink into the bottom of the ocean and loose respiration. Many species of sharks can smell a single drop of blood from the water and may hear fish from miles away. They’re great for rodent control and most sharks also don’t sleep.

5. Shark Variety

When most people consider sharks they likely think of large hulking sharks with giant teeth. However, shark sizes vary greatly; more than half of all sharks are less than 3 feet long. Shark species are continuing to be discovered and currently over 350 species of sharks are identified. Sharks live mainly in saltwater through a few species can live in freshwater. Various kinds of sharks reside in tropical, temperate, deep and coastal waters.

6. Large and Small Creatures

The largest species of shark is the whale shark, which may grow up to 60 feet in length and can weigh over 13 tons. The smallest shark on earth is the dwarf lantern shark will only grows to about 8 inches long and resides in deepwater. The dwarf lantern is simply once inch bigger than the second smallest shark, the pygmy shark.

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