Protecting The Environment, Nature, and Wildlife

Protecting The Environment, Nature, and Wildlife

It is always a misconception that human protects the environment and nature. Practically human does not protect the environment, but they maintain the ecological balance of nature only. The environmenttakes care of human and all the creatures in all possible ways. The ecological balance even is often thought to be maintained by human alone. Here is another misconception that you are having. All the animals are maintaining the balance of nature in their own possible way. You will find that none of the animals do kill their prey more than what they need for the consumption purpose. This is the way they maintain the ecological balance. Now thequestion is where ahuman is making amistake and how they can be resisted.

Grants Animals Environment

Exploitation Of Nature

All animals except human exploits nature and environment only for the purpose of their prey and habitat, but human needs more. This more sometimes turn into greed. Finding mines from nature and excavating them for the use of civilization and their growth is something, but when the use of mine is used for creating extraordinary weapons, for virtual protection, human crosses their limit.

Collecting Your Food Is Not Exploitation

Killing the preys, for the purpose of food is justified. This is the practice that all the animals and creatures do have, depending on their nature of consuming foods. The carnivorous kills their preys, for their food consumption and the herbivorous eats the plants for their appetite. However, ahumanhas exceeded their greed and started shredding off the plants and killing the animals, just for fulfilling their wishes.

Sometimes the wish is just to have a leather bag, made of snake’s skin, and sometimes the wish is to deforest an entire forest and establish a luxurious city, in that place. The entire ecology is in a balanced state, where it is assumed that everything will be in order, even after the creatures kills other for their appetite. When the wants are extended in the form of need, then a serious concern is faced by the whole world, and that is the case today.

Fighting With Whom – Nature Or Yourself!

The scenario now is such where government and some other approved bodies are busy in blaming the imbalance on the other bodies, who are not approved, but the reality is not on the same track. Fields of water and forests are turned into real estate projects. Is that the deed of the unorganized or unapproved organizations? Excessive mines are extracted in order to create unnecessary weapons, for a virtual war. Are the unorganized bodies doing them? No, they are not, in every aspect, government, and the approved organizations are directly related. So, blaming others is just a waste of time. In the last hundred years, too much deforestation and too much greed of human have successfully disappeared 100’s of species from this nature. If they do not turn up now, then the entire thing is lost.

Now is not the time to blame others, but the first and the foremost option is to stop the unnecessary mining, unnecessary city expansions and control the exploitation of nature and wildlife. Already the situation is out of control. If blaming has not been stopped still now, destruction is the only way out.

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