Why We Need to Save Sea Turtles

Why We Need to Save Sea Turtles

The Earth is a blue world, the ocean is the life of humanity’s survival houses. To conserve sea turtles is to save the earth , love of them is to love humanity itself.

Nowadays, a growing number of turtles have been listed as endangered species. All kinds of sea turtles are reduced in various degree. Notably massive turtles and leatherback turtles, which can be at greatest risk to be extinction.

Faced with this situation, we need to save turtles. Then what is the importance of saving and protecting them? In reality, everybody is able to envision the meaning of its security and saving, but just that some people don’t comprehend the significance of saving and protecting them. Or to look for personal gains, they are still searching the valuable turtles. It is truly heartbreaking. So now please let me present the importance of saving the sea turtles to you.

Animal, Beach, Coast, Nature, OceanPrimarily, life on Earth could not survive alone. Under some specific environmental conditions, they are interrelated and living together. The existing protected creatures on the planet all have an equal right to existence, just like our human beings. Human beings would be exceedingly lonely if there’s a deficiency of animals. If a few species were being extinction, which might have a chain effect, and even humanity is going to be extinction.

Second, sea turtle would be the world’s total biological resources. Many countries have a certain number of turtles. Also many countries have ranked them to the protected creatures. So there are great significance of conserving them.

Thirdly, to save sea turtles is to save humanity itself. As the deterioration of the environment, the survival of humanity and turtles face many different threats. The extinction of sea turtles may even result in a new plague, the loss is that we will never be irreparable. Thus, it is imperative to protect them , so make them don’t turn into a source of a plague. And also make sea turtles be our man’s greatest friends.

Fourthly, the future evolution of motherland might need to rely on another generation to keep generating. We need make them understand that caring for animals is a kind of human merit, saving animals is everybody’s responsibility.

In short, to conserve sea turtles and rescue endangered wild animals, isn’t only an issue of government, a topic of professional employees, or San Antonio Wildlife Control, ┬ábut also everyone’s matter. We all should protect wild animals.

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