Bee Colonies and How they Work

Bee Colonies and How they Work

A colony is a very organized system with every bee given a responsibility and a job to perform. Bees are also very responsible and hardworking insects due to the fact that they do their jobs very well and stick with their responsibilities for the survival of the rest of the colony.

Animal, Bee, Beehive, Black, InsectThere are three types of bee individuals from the colony. Each has different purposes and tasks. A bee population has roughly 70,000 in late summer. It is made up of a queen bee, tens of thousands of workers, and countless drones.

The Queen Bee

The queen bee is the largest in the colony and is the only female bee that’s fertile. She’s the head and life in the colony revolves around her. She starts her life as a two-day old female employee larva. The younger employees feed her with a mix named royal jelly and she comes out of her mobile after eleven days of development.

This is the only allotted time for her to partner during which enough sperm will be stored and fertilized in her body. These eggs will be put after ten times.
Fertilized eggs are the female ones or the employees and the unfertilized eggs are the drones or the bees.

The queen secretes a pheromone that sends messages and keeps the other bees sterile.

Worker Bees

The female workers are the people who build the comb where honey is generated and saved and where eggs have been laid. There are approximately 55,000 of these at the hive.

Worker bees are the laborers of those colonies and also do jobs not related to breeding. They tend to the queen, the creatures as well as the younger drones. They’re those who gather nectar and pollen, supply food and water, and produce beeswax. They travel thousands of miles away to collect nectar.

An entire colony generates about 200 pounds of honey each year. Call Animal Control for bee removal.

They are the one who attack and sting. However, a parasitic only stings after then expires. To put it differently, worker bees do all of the work, cleaning, nursing, beeswax production, temperature management, security tasks, and foraging.

Drone Bees

Drones are honey bees. Their only duty is to impregnate the queen and collaborate in the mating season. They don’t collect nectar nor pollenate and forage. Because of their limited purposes and usage, they are usually pushed from the colony during frustrated and winter to get in again and so that they die of starvation.
Bees are indeed a very hardworking group. They perform their duties and responsibilities for the survival of their colony and kind. Their collaboration and system structure is on great case to get a good organization to work.


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